Flexible portable wireless digital radiography system


Flexible portable wireless digital radiography system

Until today, industrial radiographic testing of pipelines and tanks is generally performed by conventional X-ray films or flexible imaging plates (Computed Radiography) due to their curved shooting surface. However, these methods of control are causing inconvenience related to the long time of exposure and imaging processing procedures as well as dependence on the consumables.


SCANRAY®1025F is a system designed to eliminate image distortion of curved control objects, which is believed to be the biggest limitation of ordinary digital flat panel detectors. Moreover, it supports both wire/wireless operation, and with slim thickness, lightweight, IP67, internal memory and the highest durability it will meet the maximum needs of the NDT market professionals.

Parameter Specif1cations
Technology Flexible ТFТ, a-Si
Scintillator Gadox
Pixel pitch 99 µm
Pixel matrix 988 х 2524 pixels
lmage size 98 mm х 250 mm
Grayscale 16 bit
X-ray voltage range 40 kVP — 450 kVP
Maximum exposure time 180 sec
X-ray sensor Automatic exposure detection
Dimensions 182 mm х 453 mm х 20 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Battery life 7 hours
Dust and water resistance IP67
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