Weld Inspection X-ray System XPRESS-SCAN®

Mobile digital radiography system XPRESS-SCAN® is used for single or double wall inspection of 300–1420 mm pipe welds in pipeline construction or repair.

  • No consumables, film processing or phosphor plates scanning
  • No waste from film processing
  • No darkroom
  • Image quality class A or B acc.to ISO 17636-2
  • Battery operated
  • Wireless data transfer
  • 3 minutes installation
  • External storage under DICONDE protocol
  • Compatible with any X-ray source and any crawler

XPRESS-SCAN® Weld Inspection X‑ray System provides:

Lower inspection costs by eliminating consumables (X-ray film and film processing chemicals), film processing equipment, and film storage facilities

Online inspection results enable correction of welding settings to avoid more defects

Perfect conditions for image examination (zoom, optimal contrast, image enhancement procedures) and inspection protocol preparation

Easy to use database

Detector SCANRAY®1230

Pixel pitch: 124 μm

Image size: 127 × 317 mm

X-ray voltage: up to 450 kVp

Operating environment: -20°C to +50°C

Productivty 6 min/ weld 16 min/weld
Pipe D=1420mm (21mm thick)
Image Storage Capacity 200 datafiles (1420 mm weld)
Data Transfer Data transfer to the operator’s laptop or tablet with Wi-Fi, up to 300 m.
Data storage: internal memory of the detector; in case of Wi-Fi connection failure, the exposure continues, and the data is secured
Power Supply 110-220V AC detector power supply:
4 Li-Ion batteries (UN 38.3 certified).
Battery life: 3 hours × 4 batteries =
12 hours
An additional set of 4 Li-Ion
batteries for X-ray carriage
Dimensions and Weight
(transportation case)
1 transportation case of
860 × 560 × 360 mm, 52 kg
2 transportation cases of

860 × 560 × 360 mm, a total of 80 kg

Titanium pipe band of 1420 mm (56”):
1000 × 130 mm, 7 kg
Data Transfer IP 67
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